Mission Statement

At Meowser Pet Salon and The Cat’s Inn at Meowser, we will strive to provide the highest and best level of care and grooming/boarding services to the cats and dogs we are grooming and the cats we are boarding. Your pet’s (four legged family’s) health and well-being are our priority above all else.

About Us

Meowser Pet Salon opened in September of 2004. A small grooming salon then, established by Angela Murdock, we have now grown into a busy and flourishing salon with several groomers and a very valued and supportive clientele.

Meowser Pet Salon wanted to take the grooming business out of the corporate world and bring the business back to the groomer, pet, and pet parent. We value quality over quantity and try to provide every pet with the same loving and professional experience they deserve. For those reasons we do our absolute best to minimize the time we keep each pet, and we also strive for a quiet and calm atmosphere. We believe the grooming experience is far more comfortable when stress levels are kept to bare minimums.

Meowser Pet Salon provides comfortable accommodations for all dogs and cats during their stay with us. Bathroom breaks and water are provided upon request and whenever a pet might be staying with us for the day.

At Meowser Pet Salon we use the highest quality shampoos and conditioners on the market and have medicated and specialty shampoos available as needed. We also provide Furminator treatments upon request. All dogs and cats are given two baths, a blueberry facial, and in most cases dogs are hand dried. Hand drying provides a better finish for the final haircut and a faster dry time.

At Meowser Pet Salon it is our mission to provide the highest and kindest level of service for your family, both two and four legged alike.