Sarah Dinsdale

SarahspicSarah began her grooming career in 2004 learning to groom all breeds of dogs and cats. In addition to working as a groomer in a veterinary clinic, Sarah also has extensive experience in the veterinary field working as a veterinary technician. Sarah’s combined experience in grooming and veterinary medicine give her a deeper connection and understanding of each individual pet.

Sarah specialties include grooming poodles of all types and also grooming cats. Grooming poodles has been a passion for Sarah since she began her grooming career, and while she has always groomed cats, Sarah is now mastering the art of cat grooming at Meowser Pet Salon.

Sarah’s other animal related interests include volunteering with local animal rescues to groom cats and dogs and also fostering dogs for local rescue. In addition to grooming, Sarah has a passion for her son Ryker and all activities family related.

Sarah currently lives in Davis County with her life partner, son, two dogs and two cats.