Mission Statement

At Meowser Pet Salon and The Cat’s Inn at Meowser, we will strive to provide the highest and best level of care and grooming/boarding services to the cats and dogs we are grooming and the cats we are boarding. Your pet’s (four legged family’s) health and well-being are our priority above all else.

Cat Boarding

Cat Boarding

Cat boarding at The Cat’s Inn at Meowser is unlike any other boarding facility in Utah. We do not cage cats during their stay, instead they are given a bedroom to roam for the duration of their vacation.

The Cat’s Inn boasts two spacious bedroom size rooms. Your cat(s) will stay in a comfortable room all by themselves, or if they choose, they may have company from our resident cats. Each room is filled with cat furniture, scratching posts, toys, beds, blankets, and a window complete with a bird feeder, all while classical music plays in the background. We also spend time with your cat every day either playing with them and interactive toys, or simply petting, brushing, and cuddling them.

Whatever your cat wants your cat gets at The Cat’s Inn=^^=

*House food is available including canned food or you may bring your cat’s own food. At the Cat’s Inn we have over 12 years of veterinary medical experience. We are able to administer medications and board cats with medical needs who have been cleared by their veterinarian to be boarded.