Mission Statement

At Meowser Pet Salon and The Cat’s Inn at Meowser, we will strive to provide the highest and best level of care and grooming/boarding services to the cats and dogs we are grooming and the cats we are boarding. Your pet’s (four legged family’s) health and well-being are our priority above all else.

Dog Services

Meowser Pet Salon strives to groom our dogs in a spa type setting.

We work very hard to keep our dogs for as short a time as possible, usually only 3 to 4 hours. Dogs stay in our holding room where there are comfortable beds and open playpens for those needing a little more space. Bright windows provide natural light and a chamomile oil diffuser provides a calming atmosphere.

Our groomers are the best in the pet industry and always have your pet’s health and well being foremost in their hearts.

All dogs receive two baths. Their first bath is with a clarifying shampoo to wash away any dirt and debris. The second bath will depend on your individual pets needs, whether it is an oatmeal shampoo for soothing inflamed skin, or a shedding shampoo to reduce loose coat. All dogs also receive a blueberry facial made by Spa. This shampoo is completely tearless and leaves your dog’s face clean and smelling delicious.

After the bath every dog is hand dried as much as possible. This ensures a smooth finish and blows out loose coat. All cage drying is kept to a minimum and no heat dryers are used.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality service to you and your pet but always within reason of your pet’s health and best interest.

For an appointment or questions regarding prices please call us at 801.466.2814